The Bodybuilding Legends Podcast
Season 5 - NABBA Mr. Universe
Season 5, Episode 12 - Wayne Gallasch - NABBA Universe 1976-1981

Bodybuilding Videographer and Historian Wayne Gallasch joins John in the Podcast studio in Florida to talk about the winners of the NABBA Mr. Universe contest from 1976-1981. Wayne and John talk about the surprising wins by Japanese Bodybuilders Shigeru Shigita and Kozo Sudo in 1976 (14:32), Tony Emmott’s shocking win over the great Serge Nubret in 1977 (26:21), the exciting comeback of Casey Viator in 1978 (29:53), just how amazing Bertil Fox was during his NABBA victories (39:29), the period when the IFBB began to dominate NABBA in the 1980’s (49:53), Tony Pearson’s new, improved physique in 1980 (55:20), John Brown’s unique posing that changed the sport (58:38) and Robby Robinson’s surprising switch to NABBA from the IFBB at the 1981 NABBA Universe (1:02:09).