The Bodybuilding Legends Podcast
Season 5 - NABBA Mr. Universe
Season 5, Episode 13 - Wayne Gallasch - NABBA Universe 1982-1990

Wayne Gallasch joins John in the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast studio in Tampa, Florida to discuss the NABBA Mr. Universe contest from 1982-1990. Included in the discussion is the showdown between Eduardo Kawak and Kal Szkalak at the 1982 Mr. Universe (18:52), the amazing physique of Jeff King at the 1983 NABBA Mr. Universe (23:15), the incredible debut of Tim Belknap in 1984 (29:12), Charles Clairemont vs. Michael Antorino in 1986 (43:46), Lance Dreher in his life time best condition in winning the Pro division in 1986 (50:20) and how unbelievable was Victor Terra (59:23). Sponsored by Redcon1, Old School Labs and Florida Alternative Medicine.