The Bodybuilding Legends Podcast
Season 7 - Old School Bodybuilding
Season 7, Episode 120 - Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari, Lee Labrada and Shawn Ray

The Bodybuilding Legends Podcast is proud to feature an all-star line-up of Bodybuilding legends including 8x Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, 1989 Arnold Classic Champ Rich Gaspari, 2x Mr. Olympia Runner-up Lee Labrada and 1991 Arnold Classic Champion Shawn Ray all together to discuss the upcoming 2021 Mr. Olympia in which they will all be featured commentators at the event. They also talk about which Mr. Olympia contests inspired them when they were young, how important posing is in competition and what was their favorite Mr. Olympia contest that they competed in.