The Bodybuilding Legends Podcast
Season 7 - Old School Bodybuilding
Season 7, Episode 188 - MuscleMag Articles

On this episode of the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast, host John Hansen reads a series of articles from some old MuscleMag International magazines from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. MuscleMag International magazine was published by Robert Kennedy. The magazine started in 1974 and it became one of the most popular magazines in the bodybuilding industry thanks in part to its unbiased coverage of all the bodybuilding organizations, great articles and pictures and cutting edge gossip from around the bodybuilding world.

The articles that are included in this episode are “Weider is a Trip” written by Rick Wayne for the April, 1975 issue of MuscleMag International, “Stay Hungry: Arnold Makes a Hit!” written by Denie for the August, 1976 issue of MuscleMag, “The Year of Zane” written by Frank Zane for the August, 1977 issue of MuscleMag and “Here for the Gambling!” written by Chris Lund for the September, 1981 issue of MuscleMag.

Episode aired on October 9th, 2023