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The Olympians
The Olympians - Dale Ruplinger

Dale Ruplinger was the overall winner of the 1982 NPC USA Championships as well as the Middleweight Class winner of both the 1982 NPC Nationals and the IFBB World Amateur Championships. In his interview with the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast, Dale explains how he got into bodybuilding and his intense desire to be a champion from his first day in the gym. He explains how he trained and dieted in order to build a body that would win overall championships leading to the Mr. Universe title. Dale also talks about a seminar he attended in the 1970’s by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the impact it had on him and his bodybuilding career. Finally, Dale talks about his experience competing as a professional bodybuilder, the injury that almost ended his career and his inspiring comeback at the 1986 IFBB Night of the Champions that was one of the most emotional moments of his life.